Friday, October 12, 2018

Week Ending 10/12/18

A Tale of Two Pumpkins...
An AP 3D student carves a pumpkin shaped sculpture that will become a mine, with ladders, tunnels, and maybe even some play with light...  Super cool. 

First Grade at Watson are getting into the Fall Spirit with line and shape, drawing and pasting pumpkins onto their painted paper- Great multi-media task!

Ready, set GOals!

     Well, the goals are SET!  Thank you for being so thoughtful and reflective during this practice.  I am excited to support you all throughout this year's work during common planning time, monthly meetings and professional development time.  I am able to see your information posted on TeachPoint so that I can assist in the arts teacher evaluation process.  I am setting a goal for myself to be in all classrooms to do at least one unannounced observation for teachers of whom I am not the primary evaluator.  

     The next step in the process is to complete the SLG and PPG Activity Plans. These two documents are listed in your TeachPoint documents- if you do not see it populated in the list when you open up your documents, go to the green "new" tab and click on each in the drop down menu.  This is the document that you use to plan the tasks, activities, resources, assessments for your goals.  It's the road map..  The format of the document is not set up in columns like the previous documents, so my suggestion is to NUMBER your activities so that in each section of the document, these are attached to the referent resource/assessment/indicator/evidence...  These are due on October 30th.  Let me know if you need help!

Planning Ahead:

  • Grades 6-12 Learning Walk for Fine and Performing Arts was postponed from this Wednesday to next Wednesday.  The goal feedback took priority!  I will visit all art and music classrooms during this day to get a baseline as to what tasks we are planning, what vocab we use with kids, and what verbs drive these.  I will report out in next Friday's Blog!
  • Monthly Meetings:
    • Durfee Team will have their monthly Department Meeting on Wednesday, October 17th at 2:45.
    • The K-5 Art Team will meet on Thursday, October 25th to work on a list of new lessons/tasks that they can bring to the table at the next few monthly meetings- we will demo these listed new concepts (weaving, different paint techniques, 3D, relief...) during the November, December and January department meetings!  This month's meeting will be at Silvia- 3:45.
    • The K-5 Music Team met already this month- no additional October meeting.
    • The 6-8 Art and Music Teams will meet virtually on Thursday  October 25th from 3:45 to 4:45 PM to work on maps.
  • Durfee's Got TALENT Show is Friday, October 19th at 8 PM!  See you here!  $3.00 at the door for the best show EVER!
And I am going to end with this link to a short but sweet clip- I walked into the Intro to Guitar class today and a student was practicing this... It's amazing how a piece can evoke such emotion- so powerful.  Twitter Link

Have a wonderful weekend!


Friday, October 5, 2018

Week Ending 10/5/18

This week, I visited all K-5 Classrooms across the district to get a sense of where we are as a team, and I was proud to see the great work happening.  I will share the tasks, vocab used and other details in the Learning Walk Report!  Thank you so much for allowing me to visit this week.  I learn so much during these walks..
Here are some pictures from the walk!  Enjoy!

Such great ideas driving this work..  thank you for planning engaging tasks for our kids!  Let's continue to Dig Deep into our content, use that specific content vocabulary (I heard a LOT of key words this week), and use technology to engage and excite!

And in the News This Week:

Our K-5 Music Faculty met with Becky Jontos and Amelia Nixon of the Rhode Island Philharmonic's Link Up Program to gain knowledge regarding this year's program.  They received over 900 Recorders, student AND teacher books all covered by the Carnegie Grant!  Yay!  We will be travelling to the RI Phil in May, 2019 to play along with the Philharmonic's Orchestra!

We met as a full faculty team on Monday afternoon to read and discuss an article on what the cycle of rigor looks, feels and sounds like in an arts classroom, and also reviewed our current maps to actually begin to identify and color code the level of each task that we have mapped out for our kids.  This is a great start to maintaining that cycle of rigorous "Dig Deep" type of planning.  The teams then spent time discussing the SLG and PPG plans at elementary and middle levels.  

Becky Jontos shared this great resource for K-5 music teachers on CLOSE READING IN MUSIC:  LINK: Close Reading Disney Songs  So cool!

Don't forget to finalize your PPG, SLG and Self Assessment drafts and share with your evaluator on TeachPoint- these are due on Oct 8/9.

Next week, I will be visiting Grades 6-12 in my Learning Walk- I will be in classrooms on Wednesday and Thursday!  See you there!

***Please take a moment to show support by voting for our colleagues' projects.  Mrs. Jontos and Mrs. Martin both have projects up for voting. Sonic will fund the projects with the highest votes each Monday in October with their Limeades For Learning initiative.  Thanks and here's the link!  LIMEADES

Thanks and have a wonderful long weekend!


Friday, September 28, 2018

Week Ending 9/28/18

Image result for david goggins quotes
David Goggins.  
He could have been a Fall River kid.  Labeled a special ed student, came from a home filled with turmoil and abuse, and a minority.  In his twenties, he realized he wasn't going anywhere in life as he worked nights spraying restaurants for cockroaches.  One night, he sees an advertisement on TV for the army/navy and he decides to make a change.  He struggles through weight loss, depression and constant road block after road block to better himself to the point where he, with broken bones in his feet, still managed to complete "Hell Week," an excruciating training program for Navy Seals.  And after failing on the first week, he does it AGAIN and succeeds.  
Like he says here in the quote above, we ALL get to a point where we want to quit...  It's what we do at that point that defines us.   
Remind your students of this mindset when you give them something super challenging to do- whether that is composing loops for a soundtrack, hitting that high note, building a ceramic vessel, or capturing that still life in its' exact light.  Or maybe, it's just showing up- EVERY DAY.  

In the News This Week:

  • The Massachusetts Cultural Council has granted FRPS Fine and Performing Arts $3,500 in transportation funding to allow elementary students to visit an art museum in the spring of 2019!
  • Talbot and Morton Art and Music teachers collaborated for the first time "virtually" on the Google Drive to build a common curriculum map.  Awesome work!
  • Becky Jontos from Letourneau is piloting a new online music curriculum based on national music standards called Quaver- so engaging!  Check it out HERE
  • On Tuesday night, we gave out over 200 string and band instruments to students in elementary schools!  Awesome job goes out to Band and Orchestra Directors and their fearless volunteers! 
  • We are excited to dig deeper into goal setting and rigorous planning in the arts on Monday afternoon as a team!
  • The K-5 Music Teachers will be meeting on Thursday October 4th at 3:45 at Letourneau!  They will be visited by Amelia Nixon from the Rhode Island Philharmonic to receive PD on the Carnegie Link Up Program for 5th graders!  Get those recorders READY!  :)
  • Massachusetts College of Art and Design will visit the AP 2D class on Tuesday afternoon!
  • And did you know that members of the Durfee Band/Orchestra will be performing WITH THE NEW BEDFORD SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA AT THEIR CHRISTMAS CONCERT?  YUP!  SO PROUD!

  • On the Calendar:
    • Release Time Day- 10/1
    • No School- Columbus Day- 10/8
    • Durfee Faculty Meeting- 10/9
    • Durfee Department Meeting- 10/17
    • Durfee's GOT TALENT- 10/19
    • FRPS Fine and Perf Arts Department Meetings- 10/25
    And the Learning Walks!
    • K-5 Art and Music Learning Walk- 10/3
    • 6-12 Art and Music Learning Walk- 10/10
    • These will give us a whole district view of the level of tasks we are planning for our kids- I will share the report in the week's end blog/email!
    The Week in Pics:
     Community Foundation awarding grant to NBAM- Organization who will be doing the Creative Courts Mural at TALBOT!
     CREATIVE COURTS- Talbot will be getting an awesome mural painted on the ground of their basketball court, funded by this grant!
     A group of visiting artists from the Azores met with us this week to plan a 2019 HUGE ARTS FESTIVAL IN FALL RIVER!

     Walk and Talk and Tremor, two Azorean/Portuguese arts and culture organizations presented their work and its' impact on the community.. 

    Durfee Sculpture Student Work

    Durfee Full Orchestra Practice
    Durfee Chorus practicing for Winter Concert!

    ...And Just in from Berklee:
    Please save the date and join us for the 2018 Berklee Music Education Symposium, where Dr. Peter Webster, Barbara Freeman, and Otto Gross will lead us through a though-provoking exploration of the creative musical world of today’s students, and provide insight on methods and processes that will bring together the conceptual and technical learning of music with the creative experience and expression of music.  

    All participants will come away with the 2018 Berklee Music Education Symposium Resource Guide, containing suggested resources and lesson strategies that can readily be adapted for different music teaching environments.

    Have a wonderful week, and see you ALL Monday!  Yay!