Friday, April 6, 2018

A Blog Entry from Our Kids...

I am going to let Our Kids take the mic this week...  I am so proud of them, and of all of you who have made an impact in their lives through the arts.

From an Art Student:

  Ms. Pereira's Sculpture Student created this piece, called Boston Brownstone Shrine.  She wrote about it below.
Boston Brownstone Shrine

I was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts in a small town called Mission Hill which is right in the Fenway area. I moved to Chelsea at the age of 8. That was the turning point in my life. From that point on I believed everything was just downhill. My interest in education declined and I almost stopped going altogether, and I was only in the 3rd grade. I made my teacher cry and I didn’t care. I became depressed and very alone. My mom started to drink and I lost hope. My mother got into a very abusive relationship which resulted in her moving to Fall River to be in a shelter with other women who had experienced the same thing, only I stayed with my grandmother in Revere which is right next to Chelsea. I started doing better in school and I made many new friends, but I’ll never forget my true home. I remember trips down Storrow Drive with my grandmother on my way to appointments at Children’s Hospital. I remember all the brownstones in Back Bay, each with a different story. I always admired the green copper (or what I believe to be copper) that lines the windows and frames of the buildings.
I used burnt sienna and a little bit of black to make the reddish brown color of the brownstones. I lined the “roof” with glass to represent a skylight . I put “trees” on the inside to show how green the city can be and how people take care of their beautiful homes. It’s my dream to live in a Boston Brownstone when I graduate college, maybe even sooner. I used a Boston Terrier to be the centerpiece of my design because not only is the name Boston but it’s also a dog that I see a lot in the city and just made me think of Boston Cream Pie. The white bulbs on the side represent clouds because no matter what. The city will always be a perfect getaway for me, something I consider home. I know it’s crazy but to me the city is peaceful. I was raised where there were police sirens every night and very late night construction so noise is normal to me. I included a small “chimney” because it’s what you can see when you drive past them and it’s a small detail that means a lot to me. The viewer can interpret it how they want, this shrine in no way embodies entirely what I believe the city to be but it takes bits and pieces that I admire and takes me home.

And from a Music Student:
All City is not only a concert where all of the schools in Fall River come together to play in a concert, it is an opportunity for the more experienced string players to help and mentor the younger students who are just beginning to learn how to play an instrument. Students from Durfee High School typically rehearse with the elementary school and middle school players and help them with whatever they need. If it's counting beats in a measure, the high schoolers make sure that we are keeping track of the beats and measures and when a younger player gets lost or confused we point to the measure numbers and help them stay on beat. If it's certain notes or rhythms, the high school students typically sound out the rhythms or play the notes so that they have an idea of what the correct note or phrase would sound like. 

The All City concert typically goes something like this:
-Elementary School plays three songs
-Middle School plays three songs
-High School plays a collection of songs
-Everyone from all three levels of schooling plays one final song
This gives an "evolution of music" 

​type ​
effect where the intonation, rhythm, and sophistication of the pieces increase as the concert progresses. It also gives the younger players a notion of what playing strings will be like in high school; they get to see how the hard work they do now pays off in the upcoming years. 

All City is, overall, a bonding time between all different students from all different backgrounds, schools, and levels of education. It's really just a lot of fun for everyone involved!

Barbara Ferreira

Class of 2019
B.M.C Durfee High School 

One Last Tidbit:
Stephanie Su, from emailed me with this great message, and it ties into what we do with All City, so I will share!

Long-time fan of your site! I was poking around and stumbled across this article: Great stuff!
I noticed you linked to one of my all time favorite resources: Resources
I love that one, too! In fact, I created something similar on my site:
I was wondering… would you consider adding my link to your page as well?
Either way, thanks so much for your hard work!

ARTS On the Calendar:
  • Thursday, April 26- 5-7PM K-12 Arts EXPO
  • Solo Fest-
  • Saturday, May 5th- Quequechan Rail History Walk
  • Thursday, May 10- Durfee Festival of the Arts and Spring Concert
  • Thursday, May 31st- Department Meeting- Time/TBD
Middle School Concerts:
  • Talbot- June 6th- Spring Concert/Arts Festival
  • Kuss- May 29th
  • Morton- June 11th
Have a great weekend,

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