Friday, December 15, 2017

T'was the Week Before..The Last Week of 2017


This week started off with the amazing Musical at Durfee- Legally Blonde was everything it was wrapped up to be!  The cast was amazing- and did you know that we perform with our own pit?  That's right!  Our kids are learning from the best to employ these skills, and build work ethic so they can be successful in the field.  I'm so proud of the cast, crew (you would not BELIEVE the work that is involved in putting on a musical- just ask Gary Bigelow!)  and of course their fearless leader, Ms. Lara Beth Terry.  Ms. Ana Arsenio also supported the production by helping within her design class, sewing things for the show!  Once again, kudos to all who passionately worked to get it done.  It was amazing.

On Monday evening, students from Ms. Souza's Talbot Band played for the diners at the St. Bernadette's Parish Hall.  Always humbled by these kids and their ability to bring joy and hope to those who need it most at this time of year.  Love love love.

The Morton Winter Concert was held on Tuesday, and the groups were also super awesome!  Can't wait to see them up here at the Hilltop!

On Wednesday, our Durfee Art Students hopped on a bus with me and members of YEAH (Youth Experiencing Artistic Hope) to check out Boston's Artists for Humanity Headquarters.  What an amazing experience.  Our goal is to finalize plans to build our own studio space where Fall River students can be paid to work on arts related projects after school in an environment that is safe and challenging, connecting their love for art to business and careers in the field.  Stay tuned!  We are looking at a space in the city, and have met with Mayor Correia.  

Thursday night, Durfee's Chorus, Band and Orchestra students ROCKED THE HOUSE.  Simply stated, I have never been so proud of a group of students and adults in my life.  These musicians came together to build a show that wowed the public. If you haven't seen the grande finale, check it out on my Twitter page or the FRPS Facebook page.  Sooooooooooo good- and there are a couple of "local musicians" guest gigging in there- see if you can find Mr. Matthew Desmarais and Mr. Toby Monte in the bunch!

Here are some pics that captured the magic of the work this week...

On the Calendar for Next Week:
  • Wrapping up the year!  Here's to wishing you a safe, calm week with your students!  
  • Arts Learning Walk for 6-12 is rescheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • PD Feb 2 Plan will be shared with teachers.
  • HLCS Concert- 12/21 during the school day
  • Spencer Borden Concert- 12/21 at 9:30
  • Vacation begins at the close of the half day on Friday!
Nuts and Bolts:
  • Remember to share lesson plans with me weekly, either via email or on the drive.  Thank you!
  • Developing teachers on one year evaluation plans will be scheduled for Formative Meetings in January.  Start pulling together your evidence- at this point, you should present 1-3 artifacts for your SLG, PPG and 4 Standards from the Teacher Rubric at a Glance.  Need a link to the rubric?  RUBRIC
  • Building cool Blendspaces?  Don't forget to share them!  K-8 teachers can share on the maps in the Drive!

Have an awesomely winter-wonderlandish weekend,


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