Friday, January 12, 2018

Flooded with GREATNESS and GRIT

 In reflecting on this week's events at Durfee, and also Tansey, I am compelled to share that I feel so proud to work in this district.  I say that because of the greatness and grit I see among us.  We had an already deteriorating building take another hit with thousands of gallons of water destroying hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of technology in classrooms, and that same day, had to evacuate students from Tansey due to a gas issue.  And still, we persevered.  The district team reacted instantly, proactively and with a positive attitude toward getting it done, whether that be cleaning up in the aftermath of the flood, or getting the Tansey kids safely to Durfee for dismissal.  And today, we are back.  I walked through classrooms today and my heart was full to hear and see Our Kids working with teachers, and teachers welcoming them back, both with that same GREATNESS AND GRIT that I so admire in my city.  
     Nonetheless, I was reminded today that we read about the impact of a building's physical state on LEARNING, in Daniel Pink's A Whole New Mind, on page 82.  

Pink states: 
"A study at Georgetown University found that even if the students, teachers, and educational approach remained the same, improving a schools physical environment could increase test scores by as much as 11%." (The Value of Good Design, report from The Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment, 2002)

Now, let's continue to advocate for the need for that new Durfee- Our Kids deserve it. 

In the News this Week:

  • We have All City Band and Orchestra practicing!  This is an amazing new plan, where students in grades 5-12 are practicing together for their All City Performance in April!
  • We have All City Chorus making a come back!  This tradition was lost years ago, and my goal is to bring it back for our students who have a passion for singing.  We are starting with the Middle Schools, and will tie it into the High School next year!
  • We are prepping for the biggest Art Show AROUND!  The K-12 Arts EXPO will be held here at Durfee on Thursday, April 26th.  We will be sharing the flyer soon in multiple languages, and teachers have already begun the work of choosing work for exposition, as referent in the frameworks.
Planning Ahead:
  • Art teachers, I have interoffice mailed you a supply order form.  Please fill in after you have taken inventory of what you have left, and submit this order back to me by 1/31!
  • Music K-5 teachers involved with NBSO 3rd Grade March Trip, make sure you are up to date with the field trip info that Becky shared with you!
  • All K-12 Fine and Performing Arts Staff, please be aware of the Feb 2nd PD Day Agenda!  I will share in the email- good plan for the day.  Hope to see you all for the AM sessions, and the PM will be with Dr. Malone! I'm pumped!  There is a link to choose the first AM class, so please click on it (in the agenda) to sign up!
Calendar Stuff:
  • 1/15 No School- MLK Day
  • 1/17 Durfee Dept Meeting 2:50
  • 2/1- End of Term 2 for DURFEE
  • 2/2- Full Day PD Day
  • 2/19 to 2/23- Feb Vacation
Thanks and have a wonderful long weekend,

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