Friday, January 19, 2018

Is it Spring YET?

A Few Share Outs!

 Doran Welcomes YOU!

Silvia Art Teacher, Ms. Steph Pereira using that content vocab!

The cold weather and short days can be challenging, but somehow, we made it to the end of the half way through January mark!  

Some of you are getting ready for Formative Meetings, so I wanted to re-post some information regarding these:

  • Your evaluator will be looking at the artifacts that you upload to your evidence file.  Make sure it is organized and easy to understand.  Labeling it with the appropriate Standard/Goal or making folders for each is a good idea..
  • For most of you, your evaluator is not an art or music teacher, so make sure that you explain how each artifact shows growth in your content.  Also, explain how students show this growth, and "how you know" they grew! (Student work, pre and post tests, formative assessments, rubrics, check ins, tickets to leave- all of these can show growth)
  • It's the Formative time, so you should be "Half Way There," (cue in Bon Jovi).  This means that you should have anywhere from 1-3 artifacts for evidence in each of the six areas (four standards and two goals).
  • Your evaluator will give you commendations and recommendations- pay attention to those so you know what to focus on when you supplement the evidence for the Summative evaluation meeting.
  • Don't share 100 artifacts!  This will only stress your evaluator out!  Please limit yourself to the BEST sources of support for your proficiency in each standard/goal..  Like we tell the kids in ELA, "Cite the BEST source of evidence to support your answer!"
In the News This Week:
  • I did some DATA Diving (sounds exciting) this week, and put together some information relative to Durfee Instrumental Students.  I compared their MCAS scores to the Durfee average scores, and then to the State's average scores.  Here's a table with these percentages.

Partial Meet/Warning
Durfee Band/Orch

  • There is a correlation between playing an instrument and achievement, and we want to foster that as we continue to provide our students of FRPS with quality Instrumental Programs.  Thank you so much for the work in helping our students develop this love for music.  The benefits affect so much more than just the students' ability to play.

On the Calendar:

  • Thursday, Jan 25th- Monthly K-8 Department Meeting- 
    • Art is prepping for EXPO in schools 
    • Music- K-5 with Becky Jontos at Letourneau- Becky will send out info next week
    • Music 6-8 with me at Durfee- 3:45
  • Thursday, Feb 1- End of Term 2/Sem 1 for Durfee
  • Friday, Feb 2- Professional Day
  • Feb 19th to 23rd- February Vacation
  • March 16- End of Trimester 2
Have a wonderful weekend!

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