Thursday, April 12, 2018

Friday Pre-Spring Break Blog

Well, looks like we made it to Spring Break!  Let's KEEP MOVING ON!  Let this Sly Stallone quote fuel your Term 4 FIRE!

Wrapping up the week, I would like to share a few things I am so proud of. 

  • Becky Jontos and the 5th Graders from Letourneau will be ON STAGE AT THE VETS PERFORMING FOR THOUSANDS OF STUDENTS at the RI PHIL LINK UP CONCERT in MAY!  They were chosen to play for the sea of students- this is a great honor for Our Kids!  Congrats, Becky!  See you on stage!
  • Some great press we received for the All City Concerts...  Herald Article  Linda Murphy visited on Wednesday night, and was so excited to see Our Kids engaged and excited to play at the ACO performance.  The Band played on Tuesday, and was also SUPER AMAZING!  Here are a few pics from the event!

Here are a couple of pics from Mr. Carvalho's Art Class at Durfee, using intricate contour stencils and spray paint...  

ARTS EXPO: Planning Ahead!

  • We will be celebrating the visual arts at the annual K-12 ARTS EXPO!  This event is held on Thursday, April 26th from 5 to 7 PM in the Nagle Auditorium Wing at Durfee.  
  • Art teachers, please hand out copies of the flyer to your students so they can bring them home!
  • I will be asking for schools to have the flyer for the week we return on the school websites and on the district website.  I would love for principals to give a reminder/shout out in messages home!
  • Art teachers, please email me if you need assistance in bringing your artwork to Durfee.
  • I will have all arts expo cardboard bifolds up and ready to go for teachers by Monday at 10AM.  I will have them labeled by school.
  Eval Nuts and Bolts:
  • I have visited lots of great classrooms, and seen so many engaging lessons in the past month!  Thank you for working so hard for Our Kids.  When we get back from break, I will continue to do unannounced observations.
  • Before you know it, it will be May!  This means that we will be meeting for Summatives for teachers on one year plans.  Summative Eval meetings must be held before 5/25.  I need to have the evidence for these meetings submitted to me one week prior to the scheduled meeting.  Please use the Google Calendar to invite me to this meeting.
  • Teachers on two year plans- your Formative/Summative meetings need to happen prior to 6/15.  That means you should have your evidence submitted one week before the date of the meeting.  Please invite me on the Google Calendar to this meeting, thanks!
  • I will review strategies for submitting evidence at the CPT meeting after the ARTS EXPO- Week of April 30th.  
ARTS On the Calendar:
  • Thursday, April 26th- 5-7PM K-12 Arts EXPO
  • Tentative* May 1st- HLCS Autism Awareness Concert
  • May 14th- Solo Fest
  • Saturday, May 5th- Quequechan Rail History Walk
  • Thursday, May 10th- Durfee Festival of the Arts and Spring Concert
  • Thursday, May 31st- Department Meeting
Middle School Concerts:
  • Talbot- June 6th- Spring Concert/Arts Festival
  • Kuss- May 29th
  • Morton- June 11th
Have a great vacation!

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