Friday, May 25, 2018

Memorial Day Weekend!

Greetings ARTS BLOG friends!

As we jump into this long weekend (the last weekend in May!), we salute our heroes all around us, through our actions, our art and our music.  This weekend, Durfee Band and Chorus will be performing at three events in support and dedication to those who have served our country.  They will perform today at Oak Grove Cemetery, followed by the Salute to Heroes Tribute.  On Monday, the band will march in the Memorial Day Parade, accompanied by fellow middle school band members.

In the news this week...

Check out these bugs that are popping up all over Durfee!  Ms. Pereira's students have designed and constructed these crazy big insects and they will be causing an "interactive infestation" of our office spaces!  So fun!

And here are a few seniors creating their annual tribute mural on the walls of Durfee High School!

Here are a few pictures from Morton's Arts Night!  
Great work!

And a pic of the Durfee Band getting seniors PUMPED at the First Annual College Signing Ceremony!

But, take a look at the Letourneau 5th Graders ready to ROCK THE HOUSE at the Rhode Island Philharmonic, as they were asked to perform ON STAGE! In front of THOUSANDS!  Woooo Hoooo!

And the Durfee Band and Chorus at today's Oak Grove Cemetery/Salute to Heroes Celebrations (with a quick stop at McDondald's to REFUEL...)

So proud of all of these accomplishments...  
Great work, FRPS Arts Fam!

In addition, the BMC Durfee High School Senior Awards Ceremony was held Thursday evening, and the following students were given a dedicatory book award:

Music Award- Dan Mello, Reece Ashley
Theater Award- Aryana Webb, Zachary Medina
Visual Art Award- Nichel Nhem, Nolin Freitas
Renaissance Award- Zachary Medina, Zachary Broome

So proud of OUR KIDS!

Here are some calendar items...
  • Monthly Department Meeting for K-8 Teachers is THURSDAY MAY 31st!  We will meet as follows:
  • K-5 Art- Meet at Silvia Elementary at 3:45
  • K-5 Music- Meet at Letourneau at 3:45
  • 6-8 Music- Meet in my office at Durfee at 3:45
  • 6-8 Art- Meet in room 77 (near my office) at 3:40
  • The Durfee Band and Chorus will be traveling to perform at three events for Memorial Day weekend- Two on Friday the 25th (Oak Grove Cemetery and Salute to Heroes), and then the Memorial Day Parade on Monday!
  • Teachers on one year plans should have had their Summative Meetings with evaluators by Friday May 25th.
  • Teachers on two year plans should be completing their collection of evidence and scheduling their meetings with evaluators- All two year evaluations are due by 6/08 to district.
  • Thursday, May 31st- K-8 Department Meeting
  • Doran Fine Arts, Art Show and Concert, June 13th, 3:30 to 5PM
  • Middle School Concerts:
    • Talbot- June 6th- Spring Concert/Arts Festival 6:30PM
    • Kuss- May 29th 7PM
    • Morton- June 11th 7PM

Have a wonderful long weekend!


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