Friday, May 18, 2018

Spring is in the AIR! 5/18/18

Happiness is... an AP Art student after they submit that PORTFOLIO!!!!  Best of luck to them!  Here are a few of our very tired AP Students doing what they LOVE...

Reflecting on our growth and the season...
Spring has definitely sprung...  As I visit schools, I see students outside at recess having an awesome time in the sun- no more winter coats! The trees are green, and my allergies are a mess! Woo-hoo! 

The Annual Durfee Spring Concert and Arts Festival went off with a BANG last week, "Kicking Off the Season" for other K-8 schools' shows and concerts, inviting the community to be a part of what we do and celebrate each year.  And what an amazing show it was!  In reflection, we are thinking about planning the 2018/19 Spring Concerts as a "Dual Evening Event."  This means that Orchestra would perform on the night of the K-12 Arts Expo, and one week after, Band and Choral groups would perform during the night of the Durfee Arts Festival.  Reason being?  We are growing!  As a department, we will come up with final dates and share those with you next week (the 2018/19 School Calendar is out- time to plan!)

In the Fine Arts world, we have also seen growth!  Our numbers are up in art classes at Durfee, and that is the outcome of a great, solid K-12 arts education program.  Kudos to you all for planning lessons that are rigorous and challenging for our kids, and also letting them have the freedom to make artistic choices along this journey.  The Sculpture students' work for the Quequechan Rail Trail Project will be displayed AT THE NARROWS from May 28th to June 25th.  They will be included in a gallery of work from a variety of local artists, and the focus of the show is our cities mill history.  Kudos to Barbara Mullen and her students, as well as Ms. Pereira and Ms. Gaudette who assisted!  These amazing 12 shoes will be returning to Durfee after the Narrows show, to be displayed in the main entrance..  So cool!

Puttin' a little BUG in your ear... Ms. Pereira's Art Foundation students are sculpting insects to create an art installation at Durfee!

Tid Bits:

  • ART: I have received supply orders from art faculty, and will submit these to Russ Lewis once I approve them.  Thank you!  You should see the supplies soon for the 2018 Fall Semester.  We will have a second chance to order in January 2019.
  • MUSIC: K-5 We will be traveling with our 5th graders on Friday May 25th to the RI Phil!  So excited to see all of the students participate.  Becky Jontos' students will actually be performing ON STAGE at THE RI PHIL for an audience of THOUSANDS!  Buses have been ordered and I will confirm them on Monday.
  • Next week is the LAST FULL SCHOOL WEEK IN MAY!  How did that happen?
On the Calendar:
  • Monthly Department Meeting for K-8 Teachers is THURSDAY MAY 31st!  We will meet as follows:
    • K-5 Art- Meet at Silvia Elementary at 3:45
    • K-5 Music- Meet at Letourneau at 3:45
    • 6-8 Music- Meet in my office at Durfee at 3:45
    • 6-8 Art- Meet in room 77 (near my office) at 3:45
  • The BIG RI PHIL MUSIC Field Trip for 5th Grade (880 students) will be on Friday, May 25th!
  • The Durfee Band and Chorus will be traveling to perform at three events for Memorial Day weekend- Two on Friday the 25th (Oak Grove Cemetery and Salute to Heroes), and then the Memorial Day Parade on Monday!
  • Teachers on one year plans should have had their Summative Meetings with evaluators by Friday May 25th.
  • Teachers on two year plans should be completing their collection of evidence and scheduling their meetings with evaluators- All two year evaluations are due by 6/15 to district.
Upcoming Events:
  • Thursday, May 31st- K-8 Department Meeting
  • Doran Fine Arts, Art Show and Concert, June 13th, 3:30 to 5PM
  • Middle School Concerts:
    • Talbot- June 6th- Spring Concert/Arts Festival 6:30PM
    • Kuss- May 29th 7PM
    • Morton- June 11th 7PM
Have a wonderful weekend!


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