Thursday, March 22, 2018


Greetings Arts Fam,
  I have some really cool things to share this week...  First, some pics...

Ms. Zema with a student from HLCS- melts my heart.
Durfee's Ms. Terry teaching Acting
Durfee's Nolin Freitas and his GOLD KEY!

Ms. Moniz from Talbot pushing a Close Read of an Escher!

Ms. Souza's Band at Talbot, getting ready for All City!

 Ms. McGillicudy headed over to Tansey this week, and it's like she never left!  Digging into SYNTHESIS in Art with work replicating an artist's style..
Sharing from Ms. McG's Art Cart!


  • O.K., most of you know our beloved Michela Gardner, Morton Music Teacher, and lead teacher for All City Chorus, but take a minute to listen to her sing acapella on her band's new release...  available to listen to on Spotify!  I am listening to it as I write this, and I'm dancing in my yoga ball chair..  Here's the link:  8TRX
  • Our 3rd graders from Fonseca, HLCS, Spencer Borden and Tansey attended the New Bedford Symphony Orchestra's Orchestra as Ecosystem- Symphony as Symbiosis.  Our kids were so excited.  Check out their adorable expressions in the Fall River Herald's coverage of this event: Herald Article
  • All City Band and Orchestra Concerts are COMING UP!!!  Hope to see you all there!  These events will be held in Durfee's Nagle Auditorium on April 3rd and 4th.  Check out the Flyer for more info...
ART News:
  • Art teachers, there are three weeks of school until the K-12 Arts EXPO!  
  • The event will be held on the 26th of April, from 5 to 7 PM in Durfee's Nagle Auditorium Wing.  
  • I will share the Flyer in three languages in this week's email and will send you color copies to put up in your schools! 
  • Please continue use your monthly department meeting time to prepare for the show, and CPT if possible.  
  • I will be asking as I did last year for art teachers to be released for a half day on any day between Monday and Thursday of the Arts Expo Week, so they can come to Durfee to hang the work.  
Up'n Coming:
  • 3/30- Good Friday
  • 4/3- All City Band 6PM
  • 4/4- All City Orchestra 6PM
  • 4/5- Release Time Day- Teacher Led
  • 4/6- End of Term 3
  • 4/10- Durfee Faculty Meeting
  • 4/26- Arts EXPO 5-7PM
  • 5/2-5/6- Band/Orch/Chorus/Theater Trip to Disney!
  • 5/10 Durfee Festival of the Arts/Spring Concert
  • 5/14- Solo Fest
Have a wonderful weekend!


Friday, March 16, 2018

Weekly Arts Wrap Up- March McMadness


In this Monday-Thursday-Friday snow-week, we still rocked it!  Here are some pics from the third grade music field trip to the Zeiterion to see the New Bedford Symphony Orchestra perform the Orchestra as Ecosystem show.  What a great interdisciplinary event, mixing science with music, and showing our kids the parallels between balance in the ecosystem and in musical compositions...  So cool!

In the News This Week:

  • We have been awarded a grant of $3,400.00 from BayCoast Bank to support the collaborative project between Durfee's Fine and Performing Arts, Social Studies, UMD, Lafayette Durfee House and Mass in Motion.  We will be building sculptures and acting in an event on May 5th.  The event will take place on the Quequechan Rail Trail, and visitors will be able to "Walk a Mile" in the shoes of a Fall River resident from the late 1800's Mill History...  Sculpture classes will be constructing huge "shoes" that visitors can step into, thus walking a mile in the person depicted by the UMD and Durfee students acting out each rich narrative.  Love it!
  • Band and Orchestra teachers are busy preparing students for the upcoming All City Band and Orchestra Concerts!  These will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 3rd and 4th respectively.  The concerts are at Durfee's Auditorium, and hope to see you there!  
  • Planning ahead!  Stay tuned- we only have 27 work days until the Annual FRPS ARTS EXPO!  Art teachers are busy getting student work labeled and ready for the huge event!  It will be held on Thursday, April 26th from 5 to 7 PM.  So excited!  
Calendar Items:
  • End of Trimester Two- TODAY!  Friday, March 16
  • Good Friday- Friday, March 30
  • Early Release- Thursday, April 5 (teacher led)
  • Spring Break- April 16-22
*Rescheduled from this week- the ARTS Learning Walk for grades 6-12 will be Wednesday, March 21!

Thank you, and have a great weekend!


Friday, March 9, 2018

Learning Walk Week- K-5 Arts

Pictures from the 
K-5 ARTS Learning Walk

Happy Friday, Team!

This week, I had the pleasure of walking through art and music classrooms in K-5 schools with Becky Jontos.  I would like to share with you the summaries of the tasks we saw, and what content specific vocabulary we heard/saw in action!  I'll share the full K-12 Learning Arts Report next week.

  • Letourneau: In Music, Second graders compared the lives of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.  Then they listened to and discussed the song "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong.  Finally they used flipgrid and paper to describe what they think makes the world "wonderful".  Vocabulary used by students include: jazz, scat, and trumpet.  In art, 3rd graders "Clipped Up" on their ART Behavior Chart to be able to earn an ART Model Magic Party.  They learned how to blend colors with markers and build a Model Magic Sundae.
  • Watson: In art, Kindergarten students looked at the Too Much Glue Book projected on screen, and discussed in a group how to use the glue bottles (media, materials), demonstrating on an apple with dots.  "Just a dot, Not a lot!"
  • Spencer Borden: Art in the 4/5th grade class were busy finalizing their Mardi Gras Masks, using air dry clay and a variety of media and textures.  In music, 4th graders were identifying E, G, and A pitches on individual copies of sheet music to play on the recorder.  The teacher used the word pitch.
  • Silvia: In art, Kindergarten students learned two different stitches to create fiber art, as they learned about fiber arts.  A great dexterity lesson!  In music, Kindergarten students learned all about the Brass instrument family, and then danced an Irish Jig.
  • Greene: In music, 4th graders moved around the room with the teacher leading the way, accompanied by a song that dictated the tempo and size of steps.  In art, Kindergarten leaned how to make a simple house image using cut shapes, vocabulary students used included triangle, square, rectangle and circle.  They also discussed background and placement (in front of, behind).
  • Fonseca: In music, 5th graders were busy practicing Ode to Joy on their recorders in preparation for the May field trip to the RI Philharmonic.  This will earn them their white belt in Recorder Karate!  In 5th grade art, students were designing "survival kits" from recycled materials that were inspired by the Hatchet text they are reading in ELA!
  • Tansey: Fourth graders were singing a partner song accompanied by the teacher on guitar.  Vocabulary was explained by students: harmony and posture.
Next week, I will visit Doran, HLCS, Stone and Viveiros, and add to this inspiring list.  There are some really great things happening, and it's so good to see the implementation of the PD shared by the Morton Art teachers at DORAN!  Thank you!  Great work, Rochelle!  The 6-12 Learning Walk will be Wednesday morning!

PLEASE wish our Durfee Drama Students, led by Lara Beth Terry and Gary Bigelow, LUCK!  They compete tomorrow in METG's!  Break a LEG!


Faculty Meeting- DHS
AP Science Mock Exam- DHS
Department Meeting- DHS
AP Math Mock Exam- DHS
No School - Good Friday
Early Release Day - Teacher Directed PD
Term 3 Ends
ELA AP Saturday Session DHS
Faculty Meeting, DHS
Last Day Before Spring Break!

What do you think...  I am thinking of having a food truck parked outside of this year's ARTS EXPO?  Let me know your thoughts!

Have a great weekend,

Friday, March 2, 2018

Marchie Marchie March March..

Durfee's own Nina from Ms. Campos' class is planning a huge canvas to be hung at the main office!

So excited to be in the Month of MARCH!  Here are some things to look forward to!

  • METG Theatre Comps are this month!  Wish our fearless teachers (Ms. Terry and Mr. Bigelow) and their students LUCK!
  • The 3rd Graders from Spencer Borden, Tansey, HLCS Letourneau and Fonseca will be visiting the Zeiterion on March 13th to participate in The Orchestra as Ecosystem: Symphony Symbiosis!
  • Students in Band and Orchestra will be practicing for the BIG BIG All City Concerts, happening in the first week of April!
  • Art students and teachers will be preparing work for the BIG BIG K-12 Annual ARTS EXPO!  Save the date- Thursday, April 26th!

In the News this Week:

  •  During the Thursday Release Time Day, teachers traveled to Rhode Island Recycling for Education, and searched through non-traditional materials for objects and supplies to use for assignments, either music or art related.  Art teachers are looking to spice up their 3D tasks using these materials, and music teachers are looking for supplies to engage students as they design and engineer new musical instruments.
  • Another group worked at Durfee on continuing the learning process around using technology to engage students through video tutorials, and/or FlipGrid.  Barbara Mullen built her first WeVideo!  Check it out!  Bab's Video
  • The Middle School Music staff worked through mapping the curriculum for grades 6-8 in General Music classes, implementing new strategies including movement and technology.  These documents will be super useful as teachers complete them- great skeletal structure for the "what students need to know and be able to perform" for grades 6-8 in Music!
  • The Band and Orchestra Teachers worked through details for All City Concerts, as well as Solo Fest details!  So excited to see these kids perform together!
Looking Ahead:
  • I have been trying to schedule a visit for an Arts Specific Learning Walk, and I think I will be able to do this on Wednesday the 7th for all K-5 schools.  
  • I will be in 6-12 the following Wednesday, the 14th.  
  • Let's continue to show how we implement strategies that engage and excite kids, through all of the great work you have done this year...  Blendspaces, Videos, FlipGridd-ing, Compose Yourself-ing, while doing the work... It's the balance of Tech AND Touch that are equally important for our kids.  
  • Durfee Theatre METGs: March 3rd, 10th.. Wish them luck!
  • NBSO Concert (3rd Grade): March 13th
  • Good Friday: March 30th
  • All City Band Concert: April 3rd
  • All City Orchestra Concert: April 4th (NEW DATE)
  • Spring Break: April 16th-22nd
  • And the BIG BIG FRPS Arts EXPO: April 26th!
Have a wonderful weekend!